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Hello guys It’s been a long time i didnt post anything on my tumblr. By the way, here’s some stories that im gonna tell you about my vacation to Yogyakarta a few weeks ago. Yap, after several hectic weeks during my studying on Urban and Regional Planning Department, finally I got my holiday. Im so thankful to God!

I went to Yogyakarta with some friends. We were going there by train. We departed from Malang at 8 am and got to Yogyakarta Tugu Station at 3 pm. It was an enjoyable trip. After our arrival in Yogyakarta, we decided to looking for a motel or hotel to stay for a few next days. It was quite difficult to find low-rent hotel with a good quality, but finally we found it although we had to wait for a night because the hotel that we wanted was fully booked :(

There are so many places in Yogya that you can visit during your vacation. But for you who dont have private accomodation, you can choose some places that is located near your hotel, if your hotel was located on Malioboro it would be easier, you can reach any places by pedicab, or trans jogja. The first place that i visited was Keraton Yogyakarta. As you know that Keraton is one of the most iconic place in Yogyakarta. The entrance ticket to Keraton was cheap, only 4000 rupiahs, but for a single camera that the visitor brought must pay 1000 rupiahs. Inside The Keraton Yogyakarta there were many old building which was represent the existance of Kesultanan it self. The buildings in Keraton was still well-maintained, it showed that the people of Yogyakarta still care about their culture heritage.

We also visited Vredeburg Castle, the castle was located on south end of Malioboro street, so we reached there just by walked. Vredeburg castle was a good place to take some photos, the best view to take photos was in front of the entrance gate which is reads “Vredeburg” on the huge entrance door. the entrance ticket to Vredeburg Castle just 3000 rupiahs. Inside the Vredeburg Castle area just like a museum, i saw some of dioramas that illustrated Indonesia in colonialism period up to independence era.

Another place that must be on your list when you come to Yogyakarta is Prambanan and Borobudur temple. But i prefer to Prambanan temple because it more reacheable from Malioboro just by trans jogja. However the entrance ticket to this place was quite expensive, it’s 30K. But it would be paid by good scenery around the temple. The most unforgettable moment for me in Prambanan, when i met a foreign guy from Japan and he was so handsome i thought, and i asked him to get some photos with me and my friends. by the way, the number one point is about the temple not the guy :D

I also visited Taman Sari, it was believed that in ancient time, the place was used as a bathing place for Sultan’s wife and his concubines. And nowadays, it’s believed that anyone who bath in the pool will be easily get mate, huallahualam :)

Every night in Yogya, we spent the night everyday just walk through the Malioboro street. We also spent the night to saw the “Nulll kilometers point of Yogya” which was located in south end of Malioboro’s intersection, near the Vredeburg castle. So many young man and young lady gathered at that place just to spent the night.

One of the most iconic place in Yogyakarta, The Royal Palace of Yogyakarta

Vredeburg Castle of Yogyakarta

The north-end of Malioboro Street

Inside the Vredeburg Castle

Good place inside the castle to grab some photos

View of Roro Jonggrang’s Temple

That’s all my story, thanks for watching, a thousand thanks for reading


Happy 3rd Anniversary Dear !!!

i wish someone say that :)

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Fireworks Light Painting.

Photograph by Chanwit Whanset

finally we have time to gather, lovely day!


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Night, is perfect time to write. why? just ask your self.

in some case, i couldn’t describe about what i felt, it just came into me like it’s easily come and easily go. But once that feeling came into me, i’m trying to figure out about it and guess what made it true. and see? i found nothing. i couldn’t find what made that feeling true. that’s why i call it “UNSAID FEELING”, you’ll never know why, but you just feel it.

well, it’s kinda ridiculous but i can’t pretend that i love Harry Potter so damn much. It’s my pleasant watching some kind of fiction movies X)
I knew about Harry Potter when i was on the 6th grade of elementary school, yah it’s been seven years ago, on 2006. It’s kinda late to followed all the stories. But, once i watched Harry Potter, i knew that this gonna be on my “Must Watch Movie” list!! And ya it’s true!
I like how the story goes, i like all the magic in the story, and everything about the movie i really like it. Thanks to J.K.Rowling for creating and writing all this amazing stories. I can’t even think how brilliant she is.


A bird’s eye view of Mecca and surrounding hillsides, August 1917.
Photograph by Samuel M. Zwemer, National Geographic


Pakistani victims tell US lawmakers tale of drone attack

Nine-year-old Nabila Rehman rested her head on the table.

Nabila, a shy girl with startling hazel eyes and red streaks in her dark hair, along with her father Rafiq and 13-year-old brother Zubair have told the story of the day when a drone fell from the sky in their village in North Waziristan so many times that by Tuesday morning the tale was rote — even if this particular retelling was before U.S. lawmakers, at a briefing which was the first opportunity for members of Congress to hear directly from Pakistani victims of American drones.

It was Oct. 24, 2012, the day before the Islamic holy day of Eid-al-Adha in North Waziristan. Zubair, Nabila, their little sister, five-year-old Asma and some of their cousins were all in the fields beside their house as their grandmother, 67-year-old Momina Bibi, showed them how to tell when the okra was ripe for picking.

Zubair knew the drones were circling overhead; he has known their distinctive buzzing since he was even younger — a methodical zung, zung, zung, he says.

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Photo: Jason Reed/Reuters

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